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a free-for-all dark tower series community

a free-for-all Dark Tower series community
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free-for-all community dedicated to Stephen King's Dark Tower series

“Well,” Eddie said, “What was behind Door Number One wasn’t so hot, and what was behind Door Number Two was even worse, so now, instead of quitting like sane people, we’re going to go right ahead and check out Door Number Three. The way things have been going, I think it’s likely to be something like Godzilla or Ghidra the Three-Headed Monster, but I’m an optimist. I’m still hoping for the stainless steel cookware.”
Hi and welcome to daysofnineteen, a community for Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Anything related to the Dark Tower (books, comics, upcoming movies/tv-series, the online game) is allowed here (actually, the more the better): news, icons, fanart, discussions, fanfiction, as long as it's Dark Tower related it's absolutely welcome. And if you have some old DT related material (IE icons) that you'd like to re-post, that's even better!
Posting access/joining is free. Regarding spoilers: please put information regarding the book plots under a cut in any case as it's not guaranteed that all members might have read the entire series already, and please do it if talking about the new book that will be out next year. Critic discussion is welcomed, character/ship bashing is kind of not. Regarding fanfiction, all pairings and characters are allowed and the only thing we ask for is to warn properly if there's the need (IE: possibly triggering subjects), and that's pretty much it. Your mods are yours truly (janie_tangerine), wandersfound and lasamy: please feel free to PM us for anything you might need. Long days and pleasant nights!
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